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Devourlearning is a portal for distance learning. This portal has the ability to create a company in which you can hire teachers and add students. More than 20 thousand official courses with lessons and questions are provided for students. In addition to the official, there is an opportunity to create your own, user, courses, lessons, questions.
For user courses, you can create different types of tasks - essay, media, false/true, multiple answers, calculator, file as an answer, missing words, slider, matches. The student has the opportunity to give several answers to one question. In addition to the answers, the student can upload homework and attach one file to several questions from several lessons.
In order to make communication between students and teachers easier, there is a chat. Also, there is a notification system within the system, by email and SMS. The portal allows teachers to assign individual events and tasks, using the calendar.
The general manager has the ability to attach related materials to each lesson so that students can use them during the lesson. Each student may have several teachers. The access is controlled through the extension. For all users, it is possible to set custom colors, fonts, borders of panels for the entire portal as they like.
Moreover, the portal allows keeping track of students, who do not perform tasks, through the statistics.
The development is done on PHP 7.2, backend framework laravel 5.6, WebSockets for the chat. For user courses frontend framework Vue.js. is used. Also, there is a connection with many services via API - Trello cards, Google search, SMS API, Unsplash, pixabay, pexels, Agile CRM, Google cloud storage, convert 3GP video to mp4 using ffmpeg.

Laravel (PHP), JavaScript, Gulp.js, vue.js, CSS3, HTML5.